Vision of Education

The mission statement of the American School of Fes – Amicitia is as follows:
The American School of Fes – Amicitia exists to provide a tri-lingual, American-style education characterized by excellence in academics, technology, and the arts for preschool through high school, honoring beautiful, traditional aspects of the culture of Fes while preparing students to impact Morocco and the entire world.

American School Fes

Our ultimate goal at the American School of Fes – Amicitia is to awaken the potential within each of our students and assist their development into global citizens. We aim to achieve this through the following:

Academic Excellence

From preschool through high school, our students engage in a high-quality curriculum that challenges them. Although we follow the Common Core curriculum, every classroom moves “beyond the book” to facilitate learning that is rooted in the real world. All of our classes are student-centered, providing every student with a developmentally-appropriate amount of autonomy in their learning. We offer an array of electives, two certified AP courses, independent study courses, and internships to encourage students to push their individual learning and identify what they are passionate about. We honor our highest achievers through Student of the Month ceremonies, Principal’s Honor Roll, and our National Honor Society.

Commitment to Diversity

Our international student body hails from all corners of the globe, bringing with them unique cultural backgrounds, practices, and mindsets. We believe that one of our primary functions as educators is to actively work to make sure that every voice is heard in the societal microcosms of our classrooms. This means creating an environment that welcomes diversity of thought and opinion, while also maintaining a space where students feel able to question, challenge, and engage in respectful but rigorous dialogue with people of different beliefs than themselves. We believe that this is a cornerstone of 21st century education.

Character Development

Encouraging students to be the best versions of themselves goes beyond the academic learning of our classrooms. We actively push students to examine their choices, how they affect others, and whether or not their actions are consistent with their own value systems and that of the school. All of our elementary students participate in a Character Education program, a weekly participatory meeting where students engage with an aspect of positive character building. Middle and high school students build upon these skills in their commitment to community service, which is a graduation requirement.